Ongoing projects

Construction of Defense Housing Project at J3:

This is the first phase of a major Defense Housing Project that covers three areas (J3, Giada and New Site). The project consists a total of 16 G+4 mixed use apartment blocks, a recreational facility and a dining hall with a sitting capacity of 800. The complex features landscaped lawns and gardens, and an asphalt paved vehicular access with pedestrian access.
The project officially kicked-off in December 2019. We are currently working on the structural part of the buildings. We are right on track with our schedule despite the current economic difficulties.

Supply of murram for roads & helipads repair/construction & camp improvement works in UNISAF Area of operation.
Triangle Real Estate & Construction will supply approximately 400,000 M3 that will be used to the repair of Main Supply Routes, secondary routes from camp to camp. The murram has been delivered to the following UNISFA camps (team sites) or any other locations determined by UNISFA but within Abyei box: Diffra, Farouk, Noong, Tajalei, Todach, Athony, Agok, Banton, Highway, Abyei Hq, Rumajak/Doukra, Goli, Marial Achak, Alal, Dungop, including road sections Abyei-Agok road, Noon – Marialachak and Abyei Farouk roads including subsidiary patrol roads. We are also required to supply and deliver the murram at JBVMM team sites located in South Sudan ( Kiir Adam, War Abar etc.) in UNISFA area of operation as well as in Sudan (Tishwin and Abu Qussa etc.)
Currently we are fixing and repair the Road between Yen Deng Nyuel and Abyei.